Breweries & Food Processing Facilities

Delta 3 Engineering is passionate about breweries and food processing facilities.  We enjoy the technical aspects of food processing as well as the unique and technical designs required for the buildings.

Brewery design is one of the specialties we truly enjoy!  We have extensive experience in brewery design, including visits to some of the oldest breweries in the world to better understand the brewing process and the buildings in which they are housed.

Cheese plant design is another enjoyable specialty!  Each cheese plant is unique and requires specific space planning, structural engineering and HVAC/plumbing design.  We have designed new facilities and completed a number of additions to existing cheese plants.  Due to our vast experience, we understand the specific needs of the cheese-making process and the optimal building layout.

Emmi Cheese Plant - Platteville, WI

Emmi Cheese Plant – Platteville, WI

New Glarus Brewery - New Glarus, WI

New Glarus Brewery – New Glarus, WI