Penny and Myra Eckstein Municipal Swimming Pool Facility

Client: Village of Cassville

Project Type: Municipal

Services: Civil/Municipal & Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Structural Engineering

Location:  Cassville, WI

Size:  3,700 s.f. bath house, 4,500 s.f. pool, 2,500 s.f. ice skating rink

Awards:  2015 Excellence in Engineering Award  – Structural Engineers Association WI

Project Overview:

Situated between the bluffs of southwest Wisconsin and the Mississippi River, the small village of Cassville was looking for a significant upgrade to their municipal pool. To accomplish this task, Delta 3 Engineering, Inc. of Platteville, WI, provided full architectural, structural, mechanical and civil design for an entirely new facility to propel the pool into the 21st century. A generous donation by Ray A. Eckstein and his wife, Kay, along with the Eckstein Charitable Trust, provided full funding for the project. The pool is named the “Penny and Myra Eckstein Municipal Pool” in honor of Ray’s parents, Ray “Penny” and Myra Eckstein.
The bathhouse structure incorporates three masonry volumes. The dynamic central volume is centered on the pool and creates a grand entrance to the pool. Sales and concessions openings on each side of the volume afford a view of the pool through the building. The exposed structural steel system and storefront glazing and louvers, sits above masonry walls and allows light and ventilation to penetrate the center of the building. The cantilevered steel structure forms a cool, shaded area at the pool side for concessions seating that is free from structural obstructions.
The central volume is flanked by two lower masonry volumes that are skewed in plan to create an inviting entrance area in the front and an intimate, covered concessions area on the back at the pool side. The interior CMU walls of the two lower volumes are held below the ceiling to allow interior views of the structure and windows in the central volume and create air flow through all spaces. Each volume houses a restroom/changing area, with one containing a large storage room and the other a large pool equipment room, pump pit, and pool chemical room. Glass block bands allow light to enter all spaces of the building while maintaining privacy. The building is an unheated, seasonal structure, the majority of which is constructed of single-wythe masonry walls; the exception being the heated pool equipment area, which is constructed of double-wythe insulated masonry walls. Masonry provided a durable, cleanable interior, load-bearing capabilities and the opportunity to accentuate different colors and textures on the exterior.  Delta 3 Engineering, Inc. provided architectural design, structural engineering, civil engineering for the site, including the pool and ice skating rink, and design of the mechanical systems for the building and pool.