Delta 3 specializes in civil/municipal and environmental engineering, structural engineering, + Grant Writing and Financial Assistance, land development and planning, grant writing and financial assistance, land surveying, mechanical design, plumbing design, and lighting design.

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Civil/Municipal Engineering

  • Penny & Myra Eckstein Municipal Pool - Cassville, WI
  • Water Street Reconstruction - Shullsburg, WI
  • Organic Valley - Cashton, WI
  • Main Street Reconstruction - Platteville, WI
  • Coconut Cove Resort - Hazel Green, WI
  • UW-Platteville Baseball Field - Platteville, WI

We work with private and public sector clients to create solutions for civil and municipal infrastructure design and construction projects.

Our services include:

– Storm Sewer Collection Systems
– Storm Water Analysis and Studies
– Storm Water Treatment Systems and Detention/Retention Ponds
– Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs)
– Streets and Associated Infrastructure
– Town Roads/Highways and Associated Infrastructure
– Box Culverts and Culverts
– Parking Lot Facilities
– Recreational Facilities (Parks, Athletic Fields, Tracks, etc.)
– Pedestrian Trails and Walkways
– Site Development/Grading Plans
– Bid Process/Administration
– Construction Engineering
– Construction Staking
– Full Project Management

Environmental Engineering

We collaborate with municipalities, directors of public works, and city engineers to design, construct, and maintain public works infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and water and energy systems.

Our services include:

– Water Distribution Systems
– Water System Booster Stations
– Water Storage Reservoirs/Water Towers
– Water Supply Wells
– Water System Modeling and Analysis

Grant Writing and Financial Assistance

We assist clients with grant writing and financial assistance options for their upcoming projects, helping alleviate the financial burden that accompanies many municipal projects.

Our services include:

– Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Writing
– Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Clean Water Fund (CWF) Applications
– Wisconsin DNR Safe Drinking Water Fund Applications
– United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Grant and Loan Applications
– Iowa DNR State Revolving Loan Fund Applications
– Department of Transportation (DOT) Grant Applications
– Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) Grant Applications
– Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA) Grant Applications
– Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District Creations

Land Development and Planning

  • UW-Platteville Baseball Field - Platteville, WI
  • Residential and Commercial Development - Platteville, WI
  • David Canny Rountree Branch Trail - Platteville, WI

We work with clients creating land development plans for underdeveloped commercial and residential areas. Plans are designed to meet all permit requirements and are suited to the existing topography. We work carefully to identify challenges and opportunities, and create effective long- and short-term plans.

Our services include:

– Industrial Parks
– Business/Commercial Parks
– Residential Subdivisions
– Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Site Development
– Wastewater Treatment Facility Plans
– Wastewater System Plans of Action
– Facility Plans for Commercial/ Industrial Businesses
– Utility System Plans
– Capital Improvements Plans
– Comprehensive Plans

Land Surveying

We provide a variety of cost-effective land surveys for clients. All of our surveyors are licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

Our services include:

– Boundary
– Topographical/Site
– Retracement
– Certified Survey Maps
– Subdivision Plat
– Alta/ASCM
– As-built
– Assessor’s Plat

Lighting Design

We design cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions for all project types. We specialize in sensitively integrating architecture and lighting, maximizing daylighting, and creatively utilizing standard fixtures.

Mechanical Design

We design heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to meet the specific needs of our clients. The design starts with capacity planning and includes equipment selection, location, pipe/duct sizing, and pipe/duct routes. We work closely with clients and code requirements to ensure buildings are safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Our services include:

– Central Air Handling Systems
– Radiant In-Floor Heat Systems
– Ventilation Systems
– Commercial Kitchen Hood Designs (Types I and II)
– Mechanical System Design Drawings and Calculations for Submittal to Municipalities and State Agencies

Plumbing Design

We plan and design plumbing systems for commercial offices, retail spaces, restaurants, breweries, food processing facilities, and many other buildings. We sensitively integrate plumbing systems into older and historic buildings, and provide clients with reliable hot- and cold-water supplies and code-compliant storm and wastewater systems.

Our services include:

– Domestic Hot and Cold Water
– Sanitary Waste, Drain, and Vent
– Process Waste, Drain, and Vent
– Storm and Roof Drainage
– Interceptor Design and Submittal
– Plumbing Design Drawings and Calculations for Submittal to Municipalities and State Agencies

Storm Water Engineering

Our accomplished team of engineers and technical staff commits a vast complement of full-service engineering and technical skills to your storm water engineering needs.

Our services include:

– Storm Sewer Collection Systems
– Storm Water Analysis and Studies
– Flood Water/Storm Water Control Systems
– Storm Water Treatment Systems and Detention/Retention Ponds
– Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs)
– Box Culverts and Culverts
– Site-Development/Erosion-Control Plans
– Cost Estimates
– Storm Water Permitting
– Construction Plans and Specifications
– Bid Processes/Administration
– Construction Engineering
– Construction Staking
– Full Project Management

Structural Engineering

  • New Glarus Brewery - New Glarus, WI
  • Emmi Cheese Plant - Platteville, WI
  • Chula Vista Cheese Brine Tank - Browntown, WI
  • Lactalis Cheese Silo Pad Expansion - Belmont, WI
  • Lactalis Cheese Grouted Micro Piles - Belmont, WI
  • Penny & Myra Eckstein Municipal Pool Facility - Cassville, WI
  • Brewster Cheese Silo Corridor - Stockton, IL
  • Cassville Waste Water Treatment Facility - Cassville, WI
  • Rural Route 1 Popcorn Office Addition - Livingston, WI

We provide design services for new commercial and residential structures, as well as the renovation and rehabilitation of existing structures. We adhere to building codes and safety standards, and we integrate them into the functionality of the space.

Our services include:

– Structural Analysis/Troubleshooting of Existing Buildings
– Design for Masonry Structures
– Design for Reinforced Concrete Structures
– Design for Steel Structures
– Design for Timber Structures
– Architectural/Structural Design Drawings and Calculations for Submittal to Municipalities and State Agencies
– Footing/Foundation Design for Structures

Wastewater Engineering

We provide professional services for various wastewater collection and treatment projects, including extensive experience with groundwater and surface water discharge Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTFs).

Our services include:

– Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis
– WWTF Planning and Reports
– Compliance Reports
– Collection System Planning
– WWTF Pilot Studies
– Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Studies
– Manhole and Basement Investigations
– Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing
– WWTF Permit Applications and Review
– WWTF Troubleshooting
– Design
– Cost Estimates
– Construction Plans and Specifications
– Bid Process and Administration
– Construction Engineering
– Project Management