Platteville Municipal Building

Client: City of Platteville

Project Type: Municipal

Services: Architecture, Historic Preservation, Civil/Municipal & Environmental Engineering

Location:  Platteville, WI

Size:  25,000 s.f.

Project Overview:

Work at the Platteville Municipal Building is ongoing.  Initial work included the interior and exterior renovations of the historic Platteville Municipal Building.  The exterior renovation involved cleaning and tuckpointing the stone, adding necessary control joints, reroofing and painting window and door frames. The building was analyzed and plans were made for the renovation of the interior office spaces.  Unfortunately, the interior improvements were not completed.

Recently, Delta 3 Engineering was hired to reconstruct the street in front of the building.  As part of that project the exterior stairs were removed and replaced.  The handrails and guardrails were also designed and replaced as a classy, low-maintenance solution to previously corroding pipe railings.